Feb 202012

I was reading my latest single-handing book last night, and came across a quote I really enjoyed. Bernard Moitessier was the first person to sail single-handed without stopping all around the world. Look him up in world records, he’s there.

He’s also a beautiful writer, and I highly recommend the book from whence this passage came, “The Long Way”, about his choice to continue sailing after he made his record, and not return home.

“I am neither happy nor sad, neither really tense nor really relaxed. Perhaps that is the way it is when a man gazes at the stars, asking himself questions he is not mature enough to answer. So one day he is happy, the next a bit sad without knowing why. It is a little like the horizon: for all your distinctly seeing sky and sea come together on the same line, for all your constantly making for it, the horizon stays at the same distance, right at hand and out of reach. Yet deep down you know that the way covered is all that counts.”

A view from aloft