Jan 032012

Well, I’m heading to Windeward Bound today to meet my new crew and boat. We’re leaving for our first overnight voyage tomorrow. It’s a five day cruise, and my understanding is that we’ll be taking a group of young people out for a sail-training experience. I’m feeling excited and nervous, knowing that I’m heading out into the “Roaring Forties”, the waters between 40 and 50 degrees South, known for their rough weather. I’m glad I’ll be on a boat that is built so rugged, and sails these waters all of the time, with experienced crew. I’ll have so much to learn!

I’ve pre-written some posts that will automatically upload while I’m gone. But for today, take a minute to listen to my second “audio collage”, Hobart Medley, which I stayed up late last night putting together. Well, it’s my first real attempt at such a thing, so I hope that it will at least give you a different kind of glimpse into this new place. Enjoy, and thanks for following!