Apr 262012

Well, the last time I posted anything of value was two full months ago, on February 22nd. How the time has flown! It was an unfortunate coincidence of timing that my website was hacked in the days just before the busiest part of our voyage season commenced. In the last ten weeks, we’ve had about ten days off, and the majority of our nights were spent out on the ocean. This is exactly what I joined Windeward Bound for, but that schedule has left little time to fight the hackers…

After my most recent brain-curdling attempt to fix the blog myself, I finally threw up my hands in defeat and told Facebook “I surrender!” The computer gods must have been listening because they sent one of their web developer angels down to me in the form of one of my readers! Within 24 hours of offering to help me out, John has brought my blog back to life. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

So, with Shesails.net back up and running, and a little less intensive schedule coming up, I will have to sort through the loads of photos and video I’ve taken over the last two months, and get myself back into the habit of regular posting. Until then, here is a tribute to John Walsh, my most recent beam of sunshine from behind the dark clouds of internet ne’r-do-wells, whose writings and ramblings you can read at http://www.johnjwalshiv.com/.

Thanks a million John!Sunbeams through clouds

Dec 252011

It’s been a few days since my last post! I’ve been busy scrambling to check off all of my to-do’s before Christmas and my flight to Tasmania (which leaves Friday morning!)

In my very brief moments of internet-perusing procrastination, I came across a new sailor’s blog. “The Old Salt Blog” is by Rick Spilman, who is clearly one of those passionate and knowledgeable maritime geeks that we’re all glad exist. His blog is a great mix of boating news from around the world, maritime trivia and history, and book reviews. It’s updated very regularly, and is well organized.

My favorite find on his website (and the source of this post’s title) was a thumbnail of a book entitled “Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean: How a Generation of Swashbuckling Jews Carved Out an Empire in the New World in Their Quest for Treasure, Religious Freedom–and Revenge“  He hadn’t reviewed it yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to picking it up! I’ll be needing some good reading for those 36 hours of travel I have coming up…