Blogs I’m reading A great blog by another female sailor, this one is a cruiser. She has great quotes and stories and talks about the “Sailor Girl Attitude” (you’ll have to click to find out what it is!).  I have really enjoyed reading her blog, and she sells really beautiful jewelry too!

Diary of a Tall Ship Sailor: Another blog by a hysterically funny lady. Tall-ship living straight from the horses mouth. She doesn’t update often, but it doesn’t matter. Go read. You’ll laugh out loud. Here’s an excerpt for proof:

Being part of a crew is amazing. You eat, sleep, breath, and work with amazingly talented sailors who, if the dynamic is right, end up being the brothers and sisters you never wanted.

Joining a crew, however, sucks. At least for the first few days.

What usually happens is you have the established crew sniffing around the newest person, trying to figure out if he or she is going to make the next few months relatively easy or a living Hell. You see, loyal blog readers, often times a job such as this, one which promises adventure and general awesomeness, attracts a certain brand of crazy. I.E: The Functional Crazy.

Windtraveler: I just discovered this blog and am already feeling inspired and excited by it. It’s written by a young couple from the mid-west United States who, after college, bought a boat, started a blog, and launched out into the ocean. Brittany, who writes it, is extremely enthusiastic about sailing, and she aims to give a sense of the daily experience of their lifestyle, rather than a technical sailing play-by-play. A really enjoyable read!

Propercourse: The Tillerman is a very young man in his 60′s who writes about his daily adventures trying to master the art of sailing Lasers. Topics range from strictly sailing, to the frustration of dealing with an aging body on small craft, to whatever you can imagine. He updates regularly, is an entertaining and engaging writer, and has a great Blogroll where I’ve discovered several good finds.

Lin & Larry Pardey: This famous couple has been sailing around the world for decades, without an engine. Their blog is full of great tips for cruisers, and beautiful first-hand accounts of sailing most anywhere you can imagine.