Feb 132012

I had another first yesterday…my first day without a post since I arrived in Tasmania! Ironically, I was almost late for work yesterday because I was trying to finish a post about why the huge time commitment we sailors make to our boats is completely worth it. But then, I ran out of time and couldn’t post. :) Ironic, right?

Lowering the yardLowering the yard

That article is almost finished, but it will have to wait because yesterday was WAY too full of exciting things to report. We are in a maintenance period right now, not sailing for another 10 days or so, and we have a huge amount to get done in that time. One of the major projects is taking down one of our yards and servicing it. A yard is one of the horizontal spars (long pieces of timber) that square-sails attach to on square-rigged boats.

Alex spent all day sandingAlex spent all day sanding

We began our day yesterday a little on the early side, and got started right away prepping to bring the yard down. With some smartly placed lines, plenty of hands and a couple of windlass drums, it came down neatly and easily. Alex spent the entire day sanding it down while the rest of us took care of other projects. By 6:00 it was all sanded, and we had only to bring the 30-something foot spar to the workshop…several miles away. No problem!

Sarah brought her car with a trailer on back, but when it was loaded up, there was more of it hanging off the back than was on the trailer! No worries…three crew members rode their bikes alongside in a kind of motley sailor parade, and the yard got to the shop in one piece. At the end of a long day, there’s nothing like a ridiculous and slightly illegal project to give everyone a boost! We all had a great time, and that is one more check-mark on the list of to-do’s.

Towing the yard behind in a trailerTowing the yard behind in a trailer

Looking forward to the rest of the week’s maintenance, and I’ll keep you updated with all we do!