Dec 182011
Maybe a little overkill

For those prone to worry, please remember that I’m a slight obsessive-compulsive, and this is all definitely way beyond what most would do to prepare for this trip. However, out on the open sea, it’s tough to be over-prepared, and this won’t be my last time out there. So, taking cues from my Basic Safety Training course, this is the set of gear I intend to have with me (or very close at hand) at all times:

  • Whistle
  • Inhaler on a carabiner
  • Small, waterproof flashlight, strobing & high-powered (maybe a bike light?)
  • Reflective velcro wristbands (that can be attached to anything…)
  • A wool stocking hat
  • A folding blade in a sheath
  • A small mirror glued to the inside of my seashell necklace (I’m serious)

Here’s the whistle I bought today, also with a compass, magnifying glass and thermometer!

Anything to add?