Dec 062011

For some time now, I’ve been incubating a plan to create this blog in order to document my journey through the maritime industry, make connections with other sailors and travelers, provide tips and information to would-be adventurers, and hopefully generate some money. After many conversations and one major brainstorm over Thanksgiving turkey, a laundry-list of names like “daisyjones”, “abroadafloat”, and “sea-gal” was abandoned, and was born.

In 24 days, I begin the next leg of this journey. On December 30th, I will depart my New England home in the Northeastern United States to fly to Tasmania, an island off the southern coast of Australia where my Grandmother lives. There, in addition to visiting with her, I will be working as a deckhand aboard the tall-ship Windeward Bound, which takes Tasmanian youth out into the Southern Ocean for week-long sailing adventures. While aboard, I will be accumulating sea-time towards my captain’s license, gaining experience, and learning, no doubt, about the moods and habits of the world’s most lively and violent ocean. I will also hopefully be making connections with sailors in that part of the world who can help me expand my newest sailing adventure.

My flight back to the states departs on April 7th, but only a small part of me still plans on boarding it. If I can find my way to the right set of circumstances, I’ll sail home to the States across the Pacific. But whatever happens, this trip represents a major step forward towards my dreams of a life at sea, and I’m almost ready for it to begin.